15 Places on Earth Where People Live the Longest and Healthiest Lives

Ever wondered where the secret fountain of youth might be hiding? Well, it turns out some spots around the world are giving us a serious case of longevity envy. We’re talking about those places where folks seem to have cracked the code to living long and living well. These magical corners, scattered across the globe, have earned a reputation as “Blue Zones,” where people not only celebrate birthdays but also blow out an impressive number of candles. From mysterious diets to tight-knit communities, join us as we embark on a journey to unravel the stories behind these age-defying places and maybe pick up a tip or two for a healthier life.

Barbagia region, Sardinia, Italy – Around 83 years

The residents of the Barbagia region in Sardinia, Italy, have earned a reputation for their remarkable longevity, which can be attributed to a combination of cultural practices, lifestyle choices, and environmental factors. The isolated and rugged terrain of the region has historically led to close-knit communities with strong social bonds, fostering a deep sense of belonging and support that contributes to reduced stress and improved overall well-being. The traditional Sardinian diet, emphasizing whole grains, legumes, locally grown vegetables, and moderate consumption of dairy and meat, aligns closely with the Mediterranean diet and offers a wealth of nutrients and antioxidants. Regular physical activity, often stemming from farming, shepherding, and other manual labor, is integrated into daily life and promotes cardiovascular health. Furthermore, the culture of respect for elders and intergenerational connections provides a sense of purpose and connection, which has been linked to longevity. Collectively, these factors exemplify how the cultural, dietary, and social aspects of life in the Barbagia region contribute to the remarkable longevity observed in its population.